Centre for Medicine Innovation

Sancta Maria Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 1SM

Doctor Mark Fernando discusses here the drafting of possible medical research planning models, advanced medical research, medicine innovation: within specifically preventative and curative healthcare paragigms, with possible medicines research, innovations and research directions. Including genomic prevenative and curative medicines research.

Medical Research Ethics and Advanced Research Bioethics: A key paradigmatic objective of all the planned medicines research that is to be conducted at this research centre is to be within the Christian Ethics and Bioethics that are suitable for utilisation at a Church foundation research centre. There is not to be any controversial medical nor medicines research, that is contrary to the Bioethics and the Ethical Standards of a Christian foundation research centre. This statement is to make this very certain, as the most modern advanced medical research and cutting-edge technologies with these research facilities could otherwise be misused, without such a very certain and a very strong emphasis upon the Christian based Bioethics and Medical Ethics to be utilised, in the specifically preventative and the curative models of medicines innovation. Medicines and healthcare models that are non-controversial and that are only focused specifically and entirely upon the medical health wellbeing of populations.

As a constant reminder to future researchers at this medicines innovation research centre, it is proposed that the needed access requirements for a country lane be named the: Sancta Maria Lane, that is off Saint Martin’s Hill, Canterbury CT1. Also, that a suitable Chapel room be an integral part of the Research Institute, for thoughtful contemplation and as a constant reminder to future generations of researchers, that this medicines innovation research centre is a part of a Church foundation establishment.

There are here discussed, internationally recognised state-of -the-art medical research, with the most advanced medicines research methods and processes in the world currently, in draft ideas formats, for the development of the new research centre: The Centre for Medicine Innovation, Sancta Maria Lane, Canterbury CT1 1SM:

Sancta Maria Chapel room

3 Large Size Labs

1 Large Size Lecture Theatre


Work Rooms



Sq. meters.

1400 total floor




Built Year


Centre for Medicine Innovation, Sancta Maria Lane, Canterbury CT1 1SM, Kent, England, United Kingdom

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